I'm Andy Weisner a.k.a Retinafunk.

I am a freelance web developer, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the field. 
RETINAFUNK is the name and brand of my freelance development work. 

Based in Düsseldorf , Germany I work with various international clients on all kinds of web projects.
Websites, Web Apps, PWAs , Web Components, Mobile Apps , Ads and Browser Games.

Beside my freelance work, I am also employed part-time as a Frontend Developer (lead of frontend)  at PERMANENT Düsseldorf. 

Over the time I teached myself various skills , tools and programming languages. (read more below ... ) 
I keep learning everyday new skills and love challenging projects. 

"A good developer always delivers more then is expected."

Skills & Tech Stack 

Frontend development

modern responsive HTML & CSS : 

Tailwind css, Post CSS , SCSS 

Javascript & Typescript  

I code Javascript since like 2002 , serious since 2010.

Learned Typescript in 2014  

Web Components

Reactive Frameworks

Stencil.js , React / Preact , Angular , Lit Element,  Svelte , Vue ,Alpine

Rest APIs , GraphQL , Serverless 

Some various other libraries and frameworks I have expericence with: 

GSAP Animation , PIXI.js , Pjax , Three.js, Moment.js, jQuery , google maps JS API, faker.js , bulma , foundation  

Backend development 




Firebase, mySQL . SQL Lite






Mobile Apps 

hybrid mobile apps with Ionic , Cordova / Capacitator , React Native , Flutter


For us, it’s important to work without creative or technical constraints so each project that we create can have its own personality. That’s why we design without resorting to templates and build our websites using the most flexible content management system.